Split Pea Soup with Smoked Pork

If you’re a normal human and don’t have 14 hours to smoke your own pork shoulder you can substitute with a nice ham from the store. Try to get something with a smokey flavor to it though cause that adds another flavor level to the dish.

1 yellow onion – diced
head of garlic – peeled & diced
4 TBL thyme

10 cups chicken stock
2 pork shoulder bones
2 cups green split peas

2 cups pork shoulder – smoked, pulled and roughly diced (leave some pork set aside for garnish if you would like)

2 TBL parsley

1. Sweat onions and garlic over medium heat in a large stock pot.
2. Add chicken stock and shoulder bones and simmer for 45 minutes.
3. Add lentils and simmer for another 35-45 minutes or until the peas are tender.
4. Remove the bones. Remove half of the cooked lentils and cooking liquid and puree mixture in a blender. Add the pureed lentil mixture back into the stock pot and mix thoroughly.
5. Add parsley, smoked pork and season.
6. Garnish with pork if ya like and then eat the soup with your mouth.

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