Perfect Pappardelle Pasta

Tried out a new recipe for this pappardelle – heavier with egg yolks than typical pasta recipes, it’s basically turns into a shinny ball of tasty, tasty velvet that cuts like butta’.


1 cup flour
1 cup semolina
1 whole egg
5 egg yolks
1 TBL olive oil
4 TBL water +

1. Create a well on a large work surface with the flour and semolina.
2. Add the whole egg, yolks, salt, olive oil, and water to the center of the well.
3. Swirl the wet ingredients in the middle so they are combined, then start to cut in the flour mixture. Slowly do this until the wet and dry ingredients are completely mixed.
4. Kneed the dough by hand for 10 minutes until it tightens up. If during this process the dough seem too dry and 1 teaspoon of water at a time until the dough is smooth and velvety – it should have sheen to it from the oil and fatty egg yolks.
5. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and let it sit at room temperature for 30 minutes. This allows the glutens in the dough to relax, the ingredients to come together, and time to drink wine.
6. Roll the dough through the pasta roller and cut into 1/4”-wide strips.

For more, follow along at @kitchenandcook.

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