Roasted Tomato and Basil Bruschetta

2 cups cherry tomatoes
3 cloves fresh garlic – minced
4 large leaves fresh basil – chiffonade
1/4 cup olive oil

1. To roast the cherry tomatoes, cut them in half lengthwise and lay them out on a baking tray, cut side up. Season with olive oil, salt, and pepper and roast at 300 for 35-45 minutes. Let them kool to room temperature.
3. In a food processor, or with a knife, ruff chop the tomatoes until they are fine enough to spread on bread. Chop as fine or as chunky as ya like.
4. In a mixing bowl add the tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil and S+P and gently toss.
5. Serve room temperature with grilled bread or crackers.

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